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Silk bunch DIY artificial tree 35 cm

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Beautiful silk bunches with subtle leaves.

Very nice mixed color tones

Average 35 cm

Nice for in a pot, they are nice full bushes or can be used for a super cool DIY to make an artificial tree yourself.

1) find a nice whimsical branch (branch on the photos is a branch of a lilac) make sure it is nicely branched has many thin shoots

2) take a bunch of silk twigs, and remove all twigs from the twigs by sliding them

3) take a look at the shape of your branch and start with the first twig and cut a bit and slide the silk twig on it, you do this with all offshoots, a little carefully, do this a little carefully, always look at the shape, do you have many offshoots, then you can also cut a twig completely off

I used 8 bushes for this tree

The fun part is, are you tired of the tree? Or do you want a different shape, or even your tuft of silk back? Then you can easily remove them, make a new tree or put them back on the trunk of silk twigs and use them to decorate a beautiful jug or pot elsewhere