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Candle lantern chocolate 14/14

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Wind light chocolate from PUUR Wonen 14/14

The beautiful lanterns from this collection are completely mouth-blown, they have thick glass and a luxurious appearance.

European quality, each glass is unique.

The "Chocolate" has warm brown glass and is filled with metal chips, warm and attractive to look at, fitting in almost any interior due to their timeless design.

Combine them with different sizes and once they burn, you will fall in love with this beautiful chocolate collection.

Chocolate 7/7 cm €25,95

Chocolate 10/10 cm €35,95

Chocolate 14/14 cm €53,95

Chocolate 23/16 cm €109.95 (for the small s-candlestick PURE living)

Chocolate 30/20 cm €159.95 (for the large s-candlestick PURE living)

Chocolate 35/35 cm €419.95 (for the large s-candlestick PURE living)

PS: the hanging candlesticks designed by Puur Wonen can be ordered separately, we also have cups that can be ordered separately for the dinner candle hanging candlestick, so you can also use them as a waxine holder or catch the candle wax with them.

Metal 21 and 27 cm - €28.95 - 29.95

Rust 21 and 27 cm - € 29.95 - 30.95

Cup stainless & steel € 8.50