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Amber cubes of mango

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Wonderfully fragrant amber cubes

The cubes have a sweet mango scent

the blocks are 4.5 cm x 4 cm and 1.5 cm thick

What can you use an amber block for?

You can use an amber block as a home perfume / air freshener almost anywhere you want it to smell nice. For example, think of your living room, car, bathroom, toilet, bedroom, wardrobe, shop, office, salon, etc. What also smells great is if you put a little shavings of the amber block in your vacuum cleaner bag, so that the wonderful scent is spread while vacuuming.

  • In your wardrobe you can hang the fragrance cubes in a bag between the clothes or put them on a bowl.
  • You can place the fragrance cubes on a dish in a desired room.
  • The fragrance cubes can also be used in the car (note that the cube can melt due to the heat).
  • If you want to use the fragrance block as a body perfume, you can rub the fragrance block over the skin.

The smell of the amber cubes will diminish over time, but if you scrape some off, the smell will come back more. Don't throw that shavings away, because you can still use it in your vacuum cleaner, but you can also put some of the shavings in a wax burner / fragrance burner.