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Above expectations

What a week! So great, so much fun, all those nice positive reactions, messages and visits, the many orders and home visits for advice, I can't say more than that this was really above all my expectations. This of course gives a wonderful drive to get back to work photographing the new items tomorrow, we have such beautiful new items, which I would of course like to show you. I would have preferred to have added this to the range long ago.... only had a day more than 24 hours....

How I experienced the week, good, very good, I should say, of course it's not new to me, but I've also been reminded how much work it entails to make a web shop as good as possible. run. And how nice that this is to be fully involved in it again, I just missed it. How we will find a good balance in this with optimally organizing everything outside the webshop and keeping it running, we will see in the coming period, and let multitasking now be one of my strengths, easy I would say... many sometimes says, I don't understand how you can do all that :-) We see this as a nice compliment.

What I also really liked is seeing the kids enjoying themselves, the youngest behind the counter, helping to pack the packages and assisting with a pick-up order. And of course then playing cash register lady. Because what could be more fun than standing in a "real live store" yourself behind the counter.... Then my angelic patience will be tested again.... but oh well, let them enjoy it . The eldest helped gather orders and pack them for shipment. That detective work to find an article wasn't easy either...

But the most fun, they all have that from the moment an order comes in... that tune on mom's phone.... we won't change that either. The fact that this is experienced like this gives a very nice feeling, because actually... mom now has another job

What a week! Great, we are going full of positive energy to the second week!

A quick peek at what's to come:

We'll keep it to a short blog post for now because....

Even today there is still a lot to do.

For now, let's enjoy this lovely morning sun for a while, which peeks in with us, and the first shoe presents from the kids

Dear visitors, customers, followers, likers and everyone interested, thank you very much for this first week!

See you again soon!

Dear Nadia

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